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Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Our commitment is to follow these three simple green principles.

We use less water and energy by installing energy efficient light bulbs, switching off unnecessary lights and appliances when not in use. We also make use of gas geysers instead of electricity in some of our rooms and our laundry is air-dried naturally. All our rooms have showers or shower over baths completed with special shower caps that provide only 6 liters/min – which leaves our guests with the option of using less water. In the office, we commit ourselves to use technology wisely by doing most of our marketing online, storing documents digitally, doing minimal printing and utilizing fax-to-email.

Not only does the guest house boast with its beautiful collection of reused furniture and decorations, but also with the fact that we reuse old towels for cleaning, channel roof water to fill the swimming pool and buy reusable cloth napkins, drying cloths, crockery & cutlery instead of disposable ones. In the office, we reuse printouts for scrap paper. Old clothes, toys, guests’ abandoned goods are donated to local charities.

RecycleReduceReuseRecycled items amount up to 2/3 of our waste! The local municipality collects these recycled items which includes paper, glass, cans and plastic weekly on a Wednesday. Locally, George is also the first town to recycle tires and we proudly support them. Additionally, we serve ordinary, safe tap water unless guests prefer to buy bottled water – in this case plastic bottles are recycled.

We support our local producers whenever the opportunity arises and we believe that good planning of breakfast menus beforehand is key in preventing waste.

We suggest to our guests a lovely evening stroll to the nearby restaurants instead of driving. In addition, we offer a 5% discount to visitors arriving by public transport, foot or bicycle and we offer a free transfer service from local rail or coach stations.

To prevent pollution, all our cleaning products are phosphate free and our waste bin liners are bio degradable.

We are dedicated to look after our garden responsibly!