• Making a difference in George
    Making a difference in George

Local Motion ZA

As in the rest of the world, there are youth and children in the impoverished communities of George, who lack the necessary support, resources and platforms to help them grow into successful adults. Daily they are increasingly more exposed to violence, alcoholism, drugs, abuse, gangsterism and human trafficking.

Local Motion is passionate and determined to make a difference in George. By providing a platform for the youth and young adults to engage in stimulating after-school programs, we hope to build relationships and help them to thrive in their studies and ultimately find employment. Our dream is that once they are successful, then they will make the positive changes in their community themselves.

We believe that we need to love our neighbors, help and care for them. By sharing the Gospel and teaching biblical foundations, we facilitate skills development, sports, outdoor activities, arts & culture. Ultimately to give them hope, bring employment and family stability.

Our Youth Centre operates Mondays to Thursdays from 9 Thomas Street in Borcherds, where we facilitate the following after school educational programs: 

  • skills development courses to enhance successful careers.
  • assist with CV writing, job and university applications, among all other necessary documents.
  • extra school classes, especially Mathematics and English.
  • visits to various career platforms and businesses to expose them to possible careers
  • Ad Hoc emergency meetings & assistance throughout the month (gender violence, medical needs, dentistry).
  • We engage in active, outdoor adventures in the mountains and at the beach on a weekly basis to cultivate good habits that the need to belong to gangs, and use of drugs are less.
  • Sunday church meetings.

Our 5-year Plan

  • Develop a youth hub where the youth of George can connect after school, over weekends and experience fellowship. A skate rink to keep them entertained, with a center where they can have coffee, do homework, Wi-Fi and belong.
  • An open fundraising shop for Local Motion that includes a surf and secondhand clothing/general store.
  • To become a consistent career exposure platform.
  • To see our current students, finish matric and start studying or become employed, so that they are positioned in their giftings and callings.
  • To see our students, have the same passion for changing their communities for the better and God's work on Earth.

How can you help?

We can not do this without your support!

  • There is always room for volunteers to assist with our daily activities, but also with the more professional assistance, things we have and take for granted.  
  • Like being able to go to a doctor and dentist.  We had children that were in dire need for a dentist, with the government unable to assist on short notice. 
  • The same with all sorts of legal matters. 
  • Going on our weekly activities, we need to safely transport the children and give them something to eat and drink.  Therefore, financial assistance is always needed. 
  • Should you like to join us and want to come for a visit at our youth center, please contact me, Sabrina Horn (0832539744, info@localmotionza.org)
  • All your contributions will be tax deductible as we are a registered Article 18 non-profit organization  and our pledge to you is that 100% of your contributions go to Local Motion!

Our bank details

  • Bank name: Standard Bank
  • Branch name: GEORGE
  • Branch code: 051001
  • Account number: 10 13 642 024 7
  • Account type: CHEQUE